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We want to make self-management easier and accessible for everyone with a skin condition

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Why Skinlync


Discover new ways to manage your skin from others with a similar condition, within minutes.


Discover insights, track medical treatment, and record self-management activities all on one platform.


Accessible via web and app for free. Interactive user-friendly interface provides relevant information instantly.

By sufferers, for sufferers

"After struggling with eczema for over 20 years, I finally managed to take control of my skin by finding the right products and tracking my healing journey. I am now on a mission to help others like me conquer their condition by simplifying self-management."

Nur, eczema sufferer

We need your help to make Skinlync a reality

We want to simplify skin wellness by unlocking the potential of individual experiences. Your stories and insights are invaluable to others like you. Get in touch if you would like to share your insights or be among the first ones to try Skinlync!


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