Acknowledging Emotions Due to Your Skin Condition

March 23, 2022
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Here at Skinlync, we understand that having a chronic skin condition can cause you to feel a plethora of emotions, some of which may be surprising. So many studies show that skin conditions have a huge impact on people’s mental wellbeing, yet there doesn’t seem to be much awareness in the general population. In addition, your loved ones don’t always understand the struggles you face due to your skin condition, so they may fall short when they’re trying to support you.

Whether this article is for you or for a loved one, we want to do our part in bringing awareness, so here are a few emotions you may be experiencing:


You’ve received a diagnosis, you’ve been given a name for the condition you’re struggling with but now what? Without any prior knowledge of it, you may be feeling confused. Where should you start? What is this condition? What caused it? What are you supposed to do? How bad is it? How long will it last? When will it go away?

It can feel scary and overwhelming to have all these questions and no answer. Learning about your condition may help with these feelings, but make sure to use reliable sources to gather this information. Your dermatologist or GP, the NHS website, patient.info, any national association websites provide scientifically accurate data. The articles at Skinlync are also checked or written by authors with a medical background.


A skin condition is a visual ailment – you and your doctor can see it, but so can everyone else. This may cause you to become self-conscious of your rashes and start worrying. You may worry people are staring at you, judging you and may become upset when people point out your rashes or scars. You may start covering up in the hopes of making them less visible, though this depends on the climate where you live and where your rashes are. However, we want to remind you that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. If people around you are making you feel embarrassed, then have a chat with them about how difficult it is to manage your condition.




You’ve tried cream after cream but nothing seems to be working. You’ve taken medications but they’ve stopped working. You’ve spent money on so many treatments but your flare-ups only seem to be getting worse. You feel limited by your skin condition – maybe you’re avoiding the pool, getting a massage, hot yoga, or even wearing certain kinds of clothes in case your rash is too visible. Maybe you’ve started feeling anxious in social situations or avoid leaving your house as often. No one seems to understand what you’re going through. You may be feeling alone, angry, hopeless. Learning to live (and manage) your skin condition is the key to managing these emotions.



Despite all the negative emotions mentioned so far, you will also feel optimistic and hopeful. It takes a long time to start seeing results, no matter which kind of treatment you’re using. You need to trust the process and try to keep a positive mindset, though we know that’s easier said than done!