After 30 years of “managing” my skin conditions (atopic dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema and acne), I have a long list of things that worked and didn’t work for me. Some were gathered from countless hours of browsing multiple websites, while others were recommendations from friends and family. I realised that the latter has a higher “success” rate and all the things in my skincare routine now have at least one positive review from someone who has a similar condition as me.

Through Skinlync, I have helped developed LEARN - Skinlync Library, to make such valuable information more accessible to everyone with a skin condition. We now have over 200 products!

What is the Skinlync Library?

We are building a database of the great (and not-so-great) products and lifestyle activities for common skin conditions. All entries and reviews are by users and for users. We check each new entry before it gets added to the database as safety is our #1 priority!

How does Skinlync make searches easier?

Our search filters are skin-centric! Search for products either by skin condition or body parts, or both. Most user reviews also specify the skin condition and body parts relevant to the review. 

How you do ensure the quality and safety of information on Skinlync?

When a user adds a new entry to the Skinlync Library, we will review the entry carefully before adding it to the library. If we are unsure, we will check with medical experts. For now, we only approve non-medical entries. We leave the medical stuff to the experts.

Still unsure about a product?

Skinlync has an in-platform Messenger function. If there is a particular user review that caught your attention, simply say "Hi" to the user and get more information (you can disable this function too).