I have battled with acne and sensitive skin since I was 15, and over the years have tried countless different skincare routines and practices.

I remember feeling so frustrated, alone and hopeless when nothing seemed to work and I didn't know where to turn to for support. This really pushed me to learn more about my skin condition, the array of treatments, and different skincare routines.

After years of trial and error I finally found a routine and lifestyle which makes my skin manageable, though I still do get breakouts from time to time.

I'm on here to help others like me to get better too, and to share the things that have worked for me personally in case my experiences can help someone else too!

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skin health
June 15, 2021

A great skincare staple all year round (and especially summer!)

skin health
mental health
June 02, 2021

Sleep hygiene is all about building good sleep habits and attitudes

skin health
skin cancer
May 08, 2021

Tips for early detection and effective prevention of skin cancer

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