We believe in the power of shared experiences

Go from feeling frustrated, alone, and confused due to your skin condition to feeling confident, supported, informed and liberated. Skinlync is the solution for anyone with a skin condition who wants to learn how to manage it with personal and targeted advice from peers.


Get advice from people who have walked miles upon miles in your shoes. By matching you with users who have similar symptoms, conditions, and lifestyles, you’ll benefit from the most personalised advice possible to help you self-manage your skin condition.

Here’s how our LINK feature can help you:

  • Discover how to live with your skin condition
  • Find out what worked for others, their experiences, and how they manage their condition
  • Customise the people you connect with publicly or privately
  • Receive emotional support from others who have similar conditions
  • Get in touch or message other users on the platform
  • See what products, advice or routines other users recommend or don’t recommend


We’ve built a database based on medically-approved information from accredited institutions coupled with reviews from users to help you learn how to manage your skin condition.

Here’s how our LEARN feature can help you:

  • Discover new products and lifestyle changes suitable for your condition by leveraging our skin-centric filters
  • Search for products and lifestyle changes based on skin condition, body parts and user ratings
  • Learn from the experiences of other users and share your own feedback on the products used to manage your condition
  • Connect with users who are currently using a specific product that you’re considering


Do you feel like you’re not getting tangible results fast enough? We want to give you a way to effectively and easily track your recovery with a visual diary. This helps you see how far you’ve come, track your new product usage, monitor lifestyle changes, and see which aspects of your routine or self-management need more attention.

Here’s how our LOG feature can help you:

  • Track and monitor any changes in your skin condition
  • Stay disciplined and motivated by organising and tracking your data
  • Set reminders on your profile to keep your skin care routine as consistent as possible
  • Track the effects of any new products, lifestyle changes or skincare routines to determine the best way for you to manage your condition
  • Track and monitor your emotional state to see how it affects to your skin condition
  • Get a quick and easy overview of your monthly progress
  • Share your findings, thoughts, or results with your dermatologist or doctor

“ Conquer your skin condition right now! „

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